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 The Later City carries out world-class, interdisciplinary research into:

  • Sustainable future energy

  • Economy and future market

  • Planning and future urban design

  • Housing and future of property market

  • Climate change and future of global warming

  • Smart city and future of urban development

  • Cryptocurrency and future of money

Our whole systems research programme addresses the challenges and opportunities presented by the transition to future of life.

Later City is an independent research centre, with researchers based in different institutions throughout the UK and worldwide.

Later City activities are overseen by a committee consisting of:

        President and Executive Director; Dr Baher BA, 

        Senior Administrator and PA to the director; Sarah Ferries 

        Deputy director; Dr. Adrian Palmer

We have also four research managers, and is advised by an independent Advisory Board. 

Mary Che is leading Later City News as editor in chief supporting with her delegated team.

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